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Oyster mushroom Logs Family

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The cultivation of edible mushrooms is a fun hobby. Of course residue is converted into valuable food. The trunks are decorative in the garden and it's fun to harvest from the garden.
Oyster mushrooms are edible fungi that occur naturally in the Dutch woods. They can then be found on dead portions of a tree. In the fall often appear large bundles of oyster mushrooms on the tree. All oyster mushroom varieties for cultivation are closely related to the varieties found in nature. All oyster mushroom strains are already inoculated with oyster mushroom spawn. If the weather conditions are good than the oyster mushroom is from late summer already produce mushrooms.

Pre-finished hardwood trunk with about dm x length x 12-15cm and 25-35cm.
usually blooms late summer-autumn, at least 1x per year.
2-3 years will bring.
Place upright in a shady spot in the garden or in a plant pot.
Occasional spraying with water only during and long dry summer period.

The oyster mushroom has a gray / gray-colored hat. The hat can be 6 to 20cm tall. Young mushrooms appear in clusters and are dark in color. A characteristic feature of the oyster mushroom is that the platelets passed far under the cap on the stem of the mushroom.
The stem is usually short and white or light gray, and is usually not in the middle of the hat.

If the stem has finished, let it just stand in the garden. If the weather conditions are more favorable than the stem is likely to flourish again. large logs
produce more mushrooms, but the quantity and location on the stem is always a surprise.

Place the log upright from about 1 to 2 cm in the soil.
A sheltered shady spot between the bushes is recommended.
It should rain to fall on the trunk to prevent dehydration, so put strain not under a dark tree.
Spray off during dry and hot summers the tribe occasionally to prevent dehydration.
On a balcony the stem can best be put into a planter filled with soil. Keep the soil slightly moist.
Place the stem outside and never in direct sunlight or on a windy place.
Put it during a severe winter indoors in an airy environment or cover it with straw or leaves.
The tribe will undoubtedly another small flat mushrooms emerge. This is not bad, let it sit at ease, but they do not eat it.

Oyster mushrooms can emerge throughout the year depending on weather conditions, but are usually present from late summer. The best harvest time is like the brim is curled slightly downward. Later unrolls the edge, but he should be harvested before the brim upward curl. The entire collection can be harvested with a sharp knife at one time; the little mushrooms in the bundle grow later not out yet, so that could just as they are small along the pan. Make sure that no residue is left on the trunk.

Often the first harvest produce the greatest, but one tribe shall mushrooms several times. The amount decreases slowly until all nutrients are used by the mushroom. Roughly one can say that the mold 20% of the weight of the trunk sales mushrooms. The key to success is the correct humidity of the stem and having patience !!!!!

Oyster mushrooms have a cholesterol lowering effect and contain many minerals. Oyster mushrooms have an almond flavor and can be stored for a few days in the refrigerator in a paper bag or open container.

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