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Pre Growth Pots

Tray 40 x 60 x 6.5 cm
€ 7,50

Ideal tray to water in jars. Place your pots for growth in the tray, and th... meer

Pots 9x9x10 cm
€ 0,20

Small pot particularly suitable for the growth. 9 length x width x ... meer

Pots 13x13x13
€ 0,35

Small pot suitable for the growth. 13x13x13cm. meer

Pot 15x15x20 cm (4 liter)
€ 0,95

Pot particularly suitable for the pre growth meer

Peat pot (jiffie) 8 x 8 x 8 cm
€ 0,15

Well known to the expert. Your can crop in the peat pot to grow and later o... meer

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