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Aptus Topbooster 1 liter

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Topbooster is a combination of a flowering and maturation stimulator. Just like Startbooster Topbooster is a concentrated product that contains multiple active ingredients that all have a stimulating effect on the flowering process. Topbooster gives big buds with lots of fibres, resins and sugars. Plants treated with Topbooster will stand out for the quality of the end product. No other product has such a strong effect on the looks and taste of the end product.

Topbooster is highly concentrated and thus cheap to use. A small bottle is often enough for a complete growth cycle since you only need small dosages.



  • Gives big flowers with lots of fibres, resins and sugars
  • Improves quality of look and taste
  • Faster development of buds and flowers
  • Better quality end product
  • Higher yield

Tips & Tricks

  • Topbooster works also good at a double dosage of 40ml/100l.
  • Topbooster is an 100% organic product. Using Topbooster can cause deposits in the tank. Therefore clean the tank at least 1x a week.
  • Always use System-Clean when using Topbooster in drip irrigation systems

Topbooster's active ingredients are selected on basis of quality and plant availability. Therefore Topbooster has a direct powerful and visible effect on the flowering process.

Application and dosage
Topbooster contains a synergetic cocktail of active ingredients that stimulate the complete flowering process. We therefore advise to use Topbooster almost during the complete flowering phase. Use Topbooster as an additive next to a base NPK fertilizer. Use 20ml per 100 litres (1:5000) from the second week of flowering until the last week.

Topbooster is an 100% organic product. Be careful with the use of organic product in drip irrigation systems. In such systems, organic product increase the risk of blockages. Therefore, always use System-Clean when using Topbooster in drip irrigation systems.


Flowering and maturation stimulator in one, improves the quality and quantity of the end product,
Give via the nutrient,
20 ml per 100 liters of water,
Give from the second week of flowering to harvesting.

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Aptus-Holland develops and markets fertilizers, soil improvement product, insects repellents and specialty boosters. Aptus-Holland offers these products through 3 concepts. Aptus stands for plant care, Bioshark for soil improvement and insect repellents (biological) and Premium collection for specialty boosters

Aptus, Bioshark and Premium Collection products have common characteristics:

  • Top quality products from the professional greenhouse industry
  • Concentrated products
  • 100% organic products
  • Formulations contain multiple active ingredients
  • Certified products

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