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Bio Pro-Active 1 liter

€ 40,00

Supplement for substrate improvement for organic consumption and floriculture. Made from grape must and contains large amounts of active soil bacteria. Soil improver made from grape must, contains large amounts of active soil bacteria. Bio Pro-active is widely applicable: applicable in all cultures. Bio Pro-active is approved for use in organic and regular crops. Provides the soil with nutrients, trace elements, humus and active microorganisms. Bio Pro-active is a concentrate based on grape must and micro-organisms. The feed cycle is activated due to the active degradation of organic material.

  • Stimulates the development and symbiosis of mycorrhiza.
  • Stimulates the health and growth of plants.
  • Stimulates the effect and growth of essential soil bacteria.
  • Natural, organic fertilizer.
  • Guaranteed free of weeds.
  • Prevents high nitrate levels in plants and soil.
  • Works well with other Mycorrhiza products.

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