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Urine odor and stain remover 0.5 liter

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This powerful cleaner contains probiotics ( microorganisms) . These biological components multiply continuously and attach themselves to the core of the pollution, which results in a more thorough and long-lasting effect . It is applicable to all types of surfaces and materials such as: Rugs and carpeting , stone and / or wood , plastic, and all the furniture ( already washed ) textiles . Walls and floors Ecopets Urinegeur- and Stain Remover is also applicable to smells of feces and / or vomit. And stains


First remove the odor source path (wipe up urine or vomit), then spray on the soiled spot.
Let the spray withdraw until it has dried at least 10 minutes. then rub the spot with a clean damp cloth.
In the case of old and / or persistent odors and stains, treatment and deck repeat the site with plastic and let the spray withdraw about 45 minutes.
then rub the spot with a clean, damp cloth.
Do not breathe spray (S23). Use only in well-ventilated areas.

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