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Terrarium Animals

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The animals in this book can be divided into two major groups :

invertebrates :

molluscs; animals most held in this class are the agate slag and the apple snail. Arthropods; This class is formed by two more large groups of animals ; spiders and insects. The spiders are the most loved fascinating tarantulas. Insects that we often find in the terrarium are predatory bugs, walking sticks and walking leaves.

vertebrates :

Reptiles; This is the largest group of animals from the book. Snakes, lizards, geckos, chameleons, iguanas and agames pass by. amphibians; The second major group of animals in the terrarium: frogs, toads and salamanders. Colorful animals allow themselves to observe in the aqua - terrarium in their natural environment.

The turtles are among the reptiles, but are treated as a separate group. There are two distinct groups: tortoises and terrapins. Each back with their own way of keeping and caring.

In this book, the bulk of the terrarium animals kept covered. The reader will get to know and to recognize the animals, and experience, what is needed in order to keep the animals accounted for. Feeding, care, housing and breeding are discussed.

It is a beautifully illustrated reference work, indispensable for any terrarium enthusiast.

The concept terrarium animals is comprehensive. In the first place one thinks of amphibians and reptiles, but mollusks, insects, spiders and many other animals are also kept in terrariums.

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