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Sprouts and micro-vegetables Growing Peter Bauwens

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Germs and micro vegetables are trendy , decorative , delicious and extremely healthy! Good reasons to go to work themselves and go enthusiastically cultivate these mini - healthy maker voice. On a balcony or on your windowsill , in less than a week after harvesting an abundance of vitamins and nutrients itself. In this book Peter Bauwens describes how easy it can do, even without tools or complicated techniques. In a clear way he explains the different methods to grow great tasting green in no time . - Three different techniques : bring seeds to germinate , micro seeding vegetables and fruits to force a second harvest. - An overview of the most suitable seeds, nuts, grains , vegetables and herbs. - Easy recipes for salads , soups, sauces and bread. - Nutrition , vitamins and minerals.

Young sprouts and micro-vegetables are very healthy and tasty. This booklet is a guide for the germination of all seeds and beans, and again let go forth from already mature plants, as a new form of (micro) grow vegetables. It is cultivated in glass pots on saucers, in boxes, in bags of textile, or simply in the ground in the garden. That seems simple, but to put good trigger the germination process, there must be fulfilled several conditions. The text gives good information about: can one own harvested an abundance of vitamins and nutrients within a week. Beautiful color photos showing the methods and results. At the back of the book are eleven recipes, addresses seed trade, a bibliography, Internet addresses and included an alphabetical index. In terms of content, this edition similar to an earlier version. Only the cover is replaced with a modern look, the bibliography has been updated and the information is updated on the writer.

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