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The president of the European Snake Bond book for the novice hose holder. Composed Snakes are predators and prefer to eat live food , such as rodents or fish. Food, housing, care and propagation of snakes are topics discussed in this book. But the anatomy of the snake ( snakes smell with their tongue !), Hibernation and common diseases are discussed. The ten snake species that are relatively easy to maintain , are called and is background by species over the appearance, distribution, diet, housing, breeding and rearing. Useful is the information on the CITES legislation and the bibliography in the back of the book. A very interesting book with lots of information and beautiful pictures? S ! Recommended to anyone who wants to know more about keeping snakes.

This book is written for the novice snake lover, who is considering purchasing one or more animals. It contains many short descriptions of good sustainable species. After a short introductory text, the author provides important information which should will load in mind when purchasing these animals. Considerable attention is paid to the importance of good housing, lighting and warmth and nutrition. Because keeping venomous snakes certainly not something for a beginner this species in this booklet are not considered further. The author also pays attention to the reproductive potential of snakes in captivity, hibernation or dormancy of some species, preventing and treating diseases.

In a kind of overview snakes are discussed that are reasonably easy to hold and which are also regularly offered for sale. Some species are discussed of the family Boidae ( boas and pythons ) and the Colubridae, with many well-known and sustainable species for the terrarium enthusiast. Small color photographs placed in the species descriptions. All in all a simple but well organized book.

With bibliography and addresses of associations in the field of the snake husbandry.

One of the few books available in Dutch about snakes. Keeping snakes take in popularity, but it is not a hobby that is suitable for everyone.

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