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Rhizopon rooting powder 0.25% 80g

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When working with powder there must be taken to ensure that the powder is evenly distributed over the cutting base in a thin layer. Otherwise closer to rooting the cuttings in some places than in others. must be avoided also, that the powder with leaves or other plant parts in contact; This could possibly cause damage.

A treatment of the cuttings with powder is easy. The cuttings are simple, individually or by beam, dipped with the base in the powder concentration to be used. The depth to which the cuttings are dipped determines the height to which root growth can be expected. The cuttings will form over the whole powdered stalk surface roots. After the dipping of the cuttings is the excess shaken off to powder, so that the base of each site is provided uniformly around of a powder layer. In some applications, such as air layering, the powder may also be applied with a clean, dry brush on the place to be treated.

When crops difficult and slow carrots which to be desired uniformity, is a combination of poederdip and bespuitmethode a possible solution. First, the cuttings are dipped into powder and then stung. Subsequently, a solution Rhizopon, until dripping member, sprayed over the cuttings.

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