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Repti Planet daylight frosted 25W

€ 7,50
  • Ideal for tropical terrariums.
  • Creates a local heating site for reptiles and amphibians.
  • Increases the internal temperature of the terrarium.
  • Contains UVA radiation, supports natural physiological processes.

Color spectrum simulates the light of the rainforest.
Repti PLANET Daylight Frosted offers an optimal ratio of ultraviolet UVA radiation, light radiation and infrared (thermal) radiation and is ideal in combination with UVB and night lamps (eg Repti Planet Repti UVB, Infrared Heat, Night Heat). It is a broad spectrum lamp that supports physiological processes such as activity, food intake and reproduction. The cold color spectrum immimites light in tropical regions and rainforests. For example, the bulb is suitable for tropical frogs, geckos and lizers.

When choosing a lamp, it is necessary to take into account not only the type of lamp, but also the type of animal being bred and the distance from the animal to the source of heat radiation.

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