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Dry Rack (Stackable)

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Drying of fruits and nuts is something that should be done carefully. Drying is only possible if there is sufficient air flow. Therefore, it is drynet either around or below and above a high degree permeable to air. The metal rings make it a functional and solid whole.

If you can control the climate in your shed or attic insufficient or simply to hygiene reasons, you can do so in a climate tent. These tents must then be equipped with an extractor fan and optionally a good heating. Juicy fruit contains a lot of water. It is important to the greater part of this moisture to quickly evaporate to prevent rotting. Slightly heated air can dissipate more moisture and cooler air.

Do you drynet not need a while? No problem. In each fold is left only a small package.

With this stackable dry tray plants and plant parts can be dried on small spaces. Ideal for small rooms. The trays may also be put into a grow tent which has the advantage that the exhaust and the carbon filter reduce the conspicuous odor.

Size: 72 cm x 72 cm x 15 cm

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