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Powerful cage cleaner concentrate 1 liter

€ 17,50

Ecopets Powerful Cage Cleaner is ideal for cleaning cages and animal quarters of rodents , birds, dogs and cats, which is made of metal, wood, plastic or glass . Also, use it as a barn cleaner horse , pony or other hobby . Ecopets Powerful Cage Cleaner is excellent to use in addition Ecopets Urine Odor and Stain Remover .

Ecopets powerful cage cleaner can be used for cleaning:

cats Baking
dog Crates
bird Cages
Animal Shelters and dog kennels
Animal facilities in general

Spray Ecopets powerful Cage Cleaner in the treated cage or room. Allow to release pollution. Stubborn dirt any loss mark and the cage / wash room. For large areas, kennels and stables Cage Cleaner concentrate in 1 and 2 liter fl? Vials and a five liter jerry can, which enable a solution for scrubbing can be created.

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