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Plagron Worm Humus 25 liter

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Just like those that grow naturally, cultivated plants also do best in a nutritious soil. Plagron has been working with the Dendrobena Veneta worm for many years. This worm is highly suitable for keeping potting soil light and airy. If these worms are bred in controlled and optimum soil conditions, they produce a fertile, organic and significantly growth-promoting soil conditioning agent.

The natural worm humus of Plagron has an extremely high organic content and offers your plants an abundance of trace elements, enzymes and minerals.

It provides an optimum proportion of nitrogen, phosphor and potash, so that the plants are given precisely the diet in which they can develop fastest. Plagron worm humus also contains living fungi and bacteria that promote optimum soil life. Your plants will feel at home.

Using worm humus has many advantages. It promotes faster and better germination of seeds, powerful root development, higher nutrient absorption in the plant and, ultimate, a better and higher yield. It also promotes general resistance. Plagron worm humus can be used at all times. It never burns, even with the most delicate plants. Plagron worm humus is not only highly fertile and natural, but is also economical and extremely user-friendly.

Usage in full soil: You can fertilise 3 to 4 square metres with 1 litre of worm humus.

Usage in potting soil: 10 to 20% worm humus: mix well.

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