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Plagron Calmag Pro 1 liter

€ 13,50

A deficiency of calcium and magnesium (Ca/Mg) in demineralized and soft water is a known problem. CalMag Pro ensures that a balanced concentration of minerals is available in the water. This is the perfect basis to start preparing your nutrient water. CalMag Pro is mainly used with demineralized and soft water.

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These days, purely organic plant cultivation is no longer an option but a must. Both consumers and the government demand that the agriculture and horticulture sectors adopt an approach that is as natural as possible. Respect for people and the environment also bear the most fruit: after all, plants and crops simply want to get back to nature.

Throughout its long history, Plagron has specialised in the development of products for optimum natural growth and blooming. There is now a wide range of environmentally-friendly addictives that provide the best available in the world for your nature. These additives are available to the plant enthusiasts, hobby gardeners and also highly professional cultivators. It is precisely thanks to a balanced composition of the most naturally pure ingredients that all products bearing the Plagron label have an optimally nutritious, protective and preventative effect.

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