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BAC Organic Starterskit

€ 65,00

The BAC Organic Starter is designed to introduce you to easily create a high-quality organic fertilizer BAC.

The starter kit contains everything you need for +/- 1m². As an additional promotion contains even enough Root Stimulator, Bloom Stimulator, Organic PK Booster and Final Solution for several times. At the next culture, you have therefore only extra Grow Organic and Organic Bloom to buy.


X-Seed 10 Grams;
Organic Grow 250 ML;
Organic Bloom 250 ML;
Organic PK Booster 250 ML;
Rootstimulator 30 ML;
Bloom Stimulator 30 ML;
Final Solution 30 ML;
Pipe mirrors.

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BAC Nutrients is developed for growing without worries and investing less money. Additionly BAC Nutrients is the basis for a better harvest and bigger production. BAC is working with 99.9% organic Nutrients which results in a better taste of the finished product.

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