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Kasper Fauna Food Egg Concentrate 1 kg

€ 5,95

Kasper Fauna Food Egg Concentrated Special is a supplementary animal feed for all types of seed-eating birds. Due to the coarse structure is fully incorporated.

Kaspers Faunafood Egg Special Concentrate contains all the necessary nutrients that need young and adult birds during the break, -kweek- and moulting, such as proteins (animal and vegetable), vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements. It is constructed from high quality raw materials (inter alia egg and honey).

The egg-concentrate can thus be fed to birds or can be mixed with germinating seeds, vegetables and / or fruit.

to recovery: 2 to 3 times per week, 25% of the daily ration
in breeding period: to feeding needs
at moulting: daily providing 25% of the daily ration.

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