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The timing of pruning and harvesting is as important as any other stage of the crop. We have a wide selection of scissors and accessoires that make pruning and harvesting more comfortable and easier.

Ikabana Scissors
€ 11,50

Sturdy scissors of good quality. meer

Scissors ARS 320 BT
€ 20,00

Scissors brand ARS. meer

Scissors D. Peres Solingen D. Peres Solingen
€ 17,50

D. Peres Solingen scissors. meer

OneEye Scissors Solingen Stainless
€ 10,50

Stainless steel ring scissors Solingen brand. meer

OneEye Scissors Orange
€ 6,50

Orange plastic ring scissors. meer

Scissors Softgrip
€ 7,50

Soft Grip Scissors, lies comfortably in the hand. meer

€ 6,00

Strong quality for cutting the largest plant. meer

Super Cutter Solingen
€ 7,50

Mainly used for cutting the trunk and branches. meer

Fruit and Vegetable dryer
€ 49,95

By means of an adjustable thermostat, it is possible to possible in a simpl... meer

Plastic Tray for Fruit and Vegetable dryer
€ 5,00

Plastic trays for fruit and vegetable dryer. Trays are sold individualy.... meer

Dry Rack Round Half Open 60 cm
€ 22,50

This Dry Rack is the ideal solution if you need to dry the whole harvest (o... meer

Dry Rack (Stackable)
€ 5,50

Drying of fruits and nuts is something that should be done carefully. Dryin... meer

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