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Growing with CO2

Co2 Boost Bucket
€ 107,50

CO2 Boost is a safe, easy way to add CO2 to your grow room or a closed bree... meer

Airbomz CO2 Dispenser Compleet
€ 40,00

The Co2 dispenser from Airbomz is the first remote controlled C02 dispenser... meer

Airbomz CO2 Dispenser 60gr with light sensor
€ 52,50

The Co2 dispenser from Airbomz is the first remote-controlled C02 dispenser... meer

Dimlux Maxi Controller and Co2 Sensor
€ 850,00

Dimlux Maxi Controller and Dimlux CO2 sensor ( Dual - Beam ) works on a lig... meer

Dimlux CO2 sensor for Maxi Controller (Dual-Beam) 10m Cable
€ 560,00

Loose CO2 sensor on the Maxi Controller can be connected . This sensor also... meer

CO2 Sensor voor Maxi Controller Gas Protect
€ 660,00

This is the same as the standard CO2 sensor , but with CO ( Carbon Monoxide... meer

Techgrow T1 CO2 Controller
€ 1050,00

Simple operation, Rugged housing, Plug and play, Can be used in smal... meer

CO2 Pressure reducing valve with magnetic valve
€ 185,00

CO2 Pressure reducing valve for gas bottles . This Pro is of industrial qua... meer

CO2 Generator Biogreen 0,75-4,5KW
€ 480,00

The Bio Green CO2 generator is equipped with a pilot light. The capacity is... meer

CO2 Generator Biogreen 4KW Auto Pilot
€ 460,00

The Autopilot CO2 generator works without pilot with electric ignition . Th... meer

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