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ARTS Fungus Free, Mildew and Rust Control 250 ml
€ 40,00

Organic fungicide from the Netherlands for preventing and controlling BUD R... meer

ARTS Anti Root Rot 250 ml
€ 35,00

Organic fungicide from Liechtenstein which can be used for treatment of ROO... meer

Woma Spray in 1 Meeldauw
€ 32,50

Spray-in-1 Mildew Protection Spray naturally combats fungi such as mildew. ... meer

Pireco soil fungi 0,5 liter
€ 9,75

Pireco Soil fungi is a highly concentrated composition of specifically acti... meer

Pireco potato illness 0,5 liter
€ 15,75

Pireco developed products with essential, specific elements of selected her... meer

Pireco Leaf Diseases 24 capsules
€ 11,25

Pireco developed products with essential , specific elements of selected he... meer

Pireco Soil fungi pellets 2.5 kg
€ 10,00

Composition: Pireco® Bottom Mold pellets consists of specifically ac... meer

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