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Aptus Nutri Spray 50 ml

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NutriSpray is an organic micro-element foliar fertilizer. It is used to provide essential micro-elements during the complete growing cycle. NutriSpray can be used for general nutrition or for deficiency correction.

Many outdoor growers use NutriSpray through the vegetative and blooming cycle to correct common deficiencies in outdoor growing environments. NutriSpray is needed infrequently, which makes its application simple and cost effective.

While some foliar sprays are designed to show an immediate change like �greening up' of the leaves. NutriSpray is intended more as a micro-element prevention and corrective solution. If your plants are already healthy, you may not see dramatic physical changes, but NutriSpray is still working to prevent-think vitamins versus drugs

Mix NutriSpray alone in clean water. No addition surfactant is needed. Never use at full strength. Spray lightly on leaf surface (top and bottom). Best to spray at night, early morning, or with lights off. It's a good idea to treat a small area first to make sure your plants respond properly.

  • Indoor: Spray during weeks 1, 3, 5 of flowering
  • Outdoor: Spray 1 week after transplanting and repeat once per month until finish

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Aptus-Holland develops and markets fertilizers, soil improvement product, insects repellents and specialty boosters. Aptus-Holland offers these products through 3 concepts. Aptus stands for plant care, Bioshark for soil improvement and insect repellents (biological) and Premium collection for specialty boosters

Aptus, Bioshark and Premium Collection products have common characteristics:

  • Top quality products from the professional greenhouse industry
  • Concentrated products
  • 100% organic products
  • Formulations contain multiple active ingredients
  • Certified products

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